when visiting the library

  1. Appropriate dress (shirt and shoes required) and behavior is expected. 

  2. Food is NOT permitted in the library, and drinks are permitted in covered containers only. (Among the list of prohibited containers are: open-top mugs, cans, cups without lids, bottles without screw-top caps, etc.)

  3. Consumption of food and/or drink is always prohibited in the computer workstations.

  4. Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied and supervised by a parent, guardian, or caregiver.

  5. No unreasonable noise levels including shouting, loud talking or disruptive conversation.

  6. Please consider lowering your cell phone ringers. 

  7. No solicitations, petitions, or canvassing in the library or library premisses. 

  8. With the exception of service animals or those allowed at a library-approved event, no animals are allowed inside the library. 

  9. Library bathrooms are for the use of patrons only. You will find public restrooms along the deck on adjacent sides of the building.



Library code of conduct

Prohibited conduct in the library includes but is not limited to:

  • Any activity that constitutes a violation of federal, state, or local criminal statutes or ordinances.

  • Damage, defacement, or theft of any library property or material.

  • Unreasonable noise levels including shouting, talking, or disruptive conversation.

  • Violating the Library's Internet Use Policy.

  • Solicitations, petitions, or canvassing in the library or library premisses.

  • Possession, distribution or use of alcohol, except at authorized library events.

  • Possession, distribution or use of controlled substances.

  • Smoking or other use of tobacco inside Library/Borough buildings.

  • Engaging in sexual conduct or lewd behavior on Library premises.

  • Use of profanity, abusive or threatening language or threatening gestures, or unwanted physical conduct.

  • Use of Sea Bright Library restrooms for bathing, shaving, washing hair, or changing clothes.



Unattended children policy

The Sea Bright Library encourages visits by young children to the Library and it is our desire to make this important visit both memorable and enjoyable for the child and the adult who bring her/him to the Library. However, the Library staff cannot be responsible for the care of unsupervised children in the Library.

 It is expected that all children under the age of twelve be accompanied and supervised by a parent, guardian, or caregiver while in the Library and that the said adult be responsible for the child's behavior and safety while in the Library. If the child is attending a Library sponsored program, the parent, guardian, or caregiver is expected to remain in the Library during the program.



internet policy

The Library computers must be used in a responsible manner: respecting the rights of others and taking care with use of the equipment. Computer and internet settings may not be changed. 

You may  not use the Library’s computers for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose. New Jersey Statute 2C:34-4 prohibits you from accessing or displaying pornographic and/or obscene materials. You will forfeit your internet privileges if you violate these terms of use. First offense will result in a loss of Internet privileges for 30 days, second offense 90 days, third offense 180 days, and fourth offense one year. 

The Library cannot be responsible for the availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the Network.

The Library cannot assume responsibility for the security or privacy of any of your online transactions.

To maintain your security and privacy, please log out of all accounts at the end of your session. 



circulation policy

Applying for a Library Card

  • Complete the application. Patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their card.

  • Sea Bright residents will need to show photo ID with proof of Sea Bright address. 

  • Non-Sea Bright residents may apply for a Sea Bright Library card. There is an annual, non-refundable $35 fee for out-of-town cardholders. (You will need Photo ID.)

  • Anyone under age 18 requesting a card must have a parent or guardian present to apply for a card. The parent or guardian is responsible for all items checked out on their child’s card, and must decide if the child has permission to use the internet. The Library does not restrict access to materials based on age.

Lending Periods

  • Patrons may check out as many books, audiobooks, CDs, and magazines as they feel comfortable being financially responsible for. These items circulate for 14 days at a time.

  • Patrons may check out up to 5 DVDs at one time and they circulate for 2 days.

  • To renew items or materials before they are due, call the front desk 732.383.8092 during open hours or click here to Renew Online.

Overdue Fees

  • Books — $0.20

  • DVDs — $1.00

  • Audiobooks — $0.20



Bulletin Board Policy

This policy applies to the bulletin board in the entryway of the Sea Bright Library:

  • All postings must be submitted to the Circulation Desk for review by the Director. Items not accepted for posting will not be returned. Items posted without review will be removed.

  • Priority placement will be given to community organizations and clubs, educational institutions, volunteer opportunities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. For-profit organizations may submit postings for approval, but notices must be consistent with the library’s mission statement of meeting residents’ educational, cultural, and recreational needs.

  • Notices that are not date-sensitive will be left for up to 6 weeks, space permitting. Postings will be marked with the date they are displayed.

  • Preference will be given to postings 11” x 8.5” or smaller, to allow space for as many postings as possible.

  • By providing a community bulletin board, the Sea Bright Library does not imply endorsement of events or services posted.