2019 Poetry Contest Winners


This year we saw the first of what we hope will be an annual Children’s Poetry Contest. We received many creative and talented entries for three grade divisions and now we are pleased to announce this year’s winners. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was a great pleasure receiving your poems. Without further ado:



Division K-3


1st Place: Kamryn Choong, 3rd grade


2nd Place: Katie Choong, 1st grade


3rd Place: Sage Kizelshteyn, grade


Honorable Mention: Ali Werth


Honorable Mention:
Brayden Kevin Reinert, Kindergarden



Flowers bloom out
Up, up, up
Pretty colors blend together
Smells good like muffins
Petals soft and light
Flowers here and flowers there
Flowers are everywhere


Rainy Day

Rain Rain
I’m in pain
I do not like it today
Crash Boom
went the Rain
it scared me and
I almost fell today.


Elephants are big and
Dinosaurs have species
Giraffes have long necks and
their heads are very large
Lions roar and laugh and laugh
They play until the night is all a fight!


Play Loud
Have fun
Beautiful Days


S is for seas.
E is for electric eel.
A is for Atlantic.

G is for Great White.
L is for lion fish.
A is for anchor.
S is for sea glass.
S is for shark.

Alessandra Scalgione